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As I write this, Ryan's room is just how he left it the last time he walked out of it. No, we didn't make it shrine. In fact, the pictures seen here were taken the morning after his service and Going Home Party.  (Where most of Ryan's friends "Stopped By" one last time. And many toasts' were given.)

Ryan's dad converted half of the garage for his personal office. Back in those days all 5 bedrooms in the house were occupied and he needed his "spot." As the years moved on, the house got emptier, Ryan was becoming a young adult and he needed his "Spot."  So the office became Ryan's room. He had a separate entry from the house and was able to live "bachelor like." Now he was living at home but not in the home. It was the best of both worlds.

As you can see from the pictures, Ryan was fully enjoying his living quarters and not being told to clean his room anymore.