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Ryan's Garden

Scooby joined Ryan this week.

July 29, 2011

Ryan has been 5 years in heaven,
yet only one long glorious day.

Living in the heart of God,
alive in the light of His rays.

How we praise the name who
will bring us, into that forever day.

Thank you Jesus for loving,
just little lumps of clay.

Scooby's High-5 goodbye!

The Second hardest thing about losing your child is remembering them. Of course you want to, but it hurts. It's the kind of pain you can't wish away by forgetting. Forgetting is more painful. This is especially true on all those special days they're supposed to be there with you. Like Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, etc...

As I write this, we are just 9 days away from the one year anniversary of Ryan's Home Going. July 29, 2007 will mark the "Last of the First's" that all Ryan's family and friends have to experience and endure. In a very real way, this "first" is the hardest for me. Somehow a "Year" feels more final.  At least the pain of the "first" things made Ryan seem a little closer and a little less gone.

Ryan's Garden goes a long way in helping me cope with it all. It's so full of life, growth and the love that constructed it. It's alive.

Most everyday I read Ryan's Garden Marker and I pause for a moment to just look at the little differences that each day makes in the garden. I'm reminded that one very special day will come, being united in Christ, for eternity, with Ryan. 

A Blessed and Everlasting First. Amen.

Getting the Garden Ready

Ryan's 23rd Birthday / Garden Party Invite


First time Through the Seasons

Ryan's 24th Birthday 11/10/2007
Can you hear the gentle sound of the wind chimes? Today we mark the one year anniversary of Ryan's Garden. Throughout this last year the garden grew in and grew larger. People continued to honor Ryan's memory by planting or placing new plants and items in their special, and perfect spots in the garden. Many times I would simply notice something new and not know who put it there, each time brought a smile with the realization that Ryan does live a little in our collective memories, and in these moments of Zen in Ryan's Garden.......

Ryan's Garden July 29, 2008



Oh our son how you're sorely missed
So dreadful at times the painful distress

Two years gone from us departed
Daily afresh are we broken hearted

How we wish you here with us living
But so humbly grateful for your perfect healing

Everyday moving closer to our grand reunion
 Hugging and kissing you with such abandon

Even Jesus will rejoice in our harmony
All heaven will know we are family

Until arrives that great day
May God keep us whole I pray

Ryan's Birthday 11/10/2008

Ryan's 25th Birthday marks many changes in the lives of his family and friends. His brother, lil'Addison, is playing football on a scholarship at Chaffey College, his dad, Big Addison, is now the preacher at a small church in Columbus, New Mexico. His Aunt Terry passed away and joined him in heaven after a long battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Being an Los Angeles police officer, she was sent of with the full regalia, including a 21 gun salute. Ryan's best friends, Trevor and Charice  are engaged to be married in May 2009.  I know Ryan is proud and smiling upon us all, and we sure look forward
to seeing that smile again. (Please note Ry's young cousin Dylan, in the big picture above. If you didn't know, you'd think Ry was taking a walk through his garden. )


July 29, 2010

Four years gone from his earthly state
light years spent past heavens gate
Time to us makes us wait
eternities clock is never late
Ryan sees the reunion date
Jesus promised us this our fate

We love and miss you son - Mom, Dad & Addiboy

November 10, 2013
Ryan's Garden on his 30th Birthday


Ryan's family would like to hear from anybody that knew Ryan Please post your stories to Ryan's Guestbook. Also, if anybody has any pictures of Ryan to please post them to Ryan's Photo Album.