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Ryan had just graduated from Citrus College with his AA degree in Arts, and was busy enjoying his summer vacation. God in his mercy, had given Ryan the desire to see everyone he knew during this time. As attested to by all the stories we heard during the week of his passing and at his memorial service.

Just a week before his home going Ryan called his grandparents and asked to spend some time with them. Below are some pictures taken with a disposable camera his grandma gave him to use during his stay. As you can see by the picture above and the 3 below, they had a grand ole time.


Ryan was really excited to be going camping at the beach with several of his friends. He talked about it for days leading up to it. He had gone to Costco with his buddy and they bought all the food they could afford because, as Ryan said "We are going to EAT BIG TIME!." The day he was scheduled to leave, Ryan insisted on helping his father move some office furniture into storage. It was an extremely hot morning. Ryan and his dad spent about 5 hours sweltering in the heat of the un air-conditioned office. During this time Ryan and his dad talked and talked about life, God and yes, his camping trip.

About 1:00 in the afternoon Ryan was ready to leave. He found his dad working at the computer and gently came up from behind and brushed his whiskers on his dad cheek, gave a little kiss and said "I love you." With that he was gone.

Below are the last pictures taken of Ryan. They're from the night before he passed. As you can see he was full of life and making good on his pact to EAT BIG TIME!


The next morning Ryan woke up first and full of excitement to surf for the first time. He woke up everybody and made breakfast for them all. As soon as they had finished, Ryan said "Let's go surfing!" He and the group all grabbed their surfboards and ran to the water. Ryan was bringing up the rear. Only about a minute had passed while they paddled out, when one of the group looked back to notice Ryan's board floating alone.  When they got to the board they found Ryan under just 3 to 4 feet of water. (Click to read the news article for the rest of the story.)

Update: 8 weeks later and after a rigorous medical investigation and autopsy,  Ryan's death was officially ruled as an accidental drowning.

We believe God reached down and took Ryan home as a finished work and ready for display in Heaven.

Ryan's family would like to hear from anybody that knew Ryan Please post your stories to Ryan's Guestbook. Also, if anybody has any pictures of Ryan to please post them to Ryan's Photo Albulm.